Important Changes for Other Required documents and Forms Update for all Parents:


Please do not use the Online Application document upload as it currently does not work !    

With schools closed and the current social-distancing requirements we need to make some changes in required documents. If you have all required information at home or can get information online you should complete the forms and send to Dennis Shaulis as follows:

  • Scan forms/documents into a PDF file and email to

  • Take a good picture of each page of the documents and email pictures to Please check the pictures and ensure they can be read easily 

  • Please do not drop off forms at Bosque School ( it's closed ) and please do not mail to our PO Box.

  • If you cannot do either of the above let Dennis know and we will work out a plan before summer to get required documents

We will continue to review form/document requirements and communicate any future changes.

We are working on a way to let each parent know by student what forms/documents have been turned in, we should have that out to parents in individual emails the 1st week of April