Student Impact

In summer 2019, Horizons Albuquerque students:

  • Gained 8-12 weeks of growth in early literacy and math
  • Built confidence as they learned the life-saving skill of swimming
  • Participated in field trips to local discovery centers, businesses, and museums
  • Enjoyed enrichment activities such as yoga, art, and music

Horizons National recently engaged Concentric Research & Evaluation (CRE) to determine whether students who participate in the Horizons program for at least four summers achieve better academic outcomes than similar students who do not participate. The study found that compared to peers, long-term Horizons students had:

  • Higher attendance rates and lower rates of chronic absenteeism 
  • Higher scores on standardized assessments of elementary math and science 
  • Higher GPAs in 9th grade, a critical transition year
  • More course credit earned in 9th and 10th grade 
  • Fewer incidents of repeating a grade 
  • Fewer disciplinary referrals

As Horizons Albuquerque continues to grow, we are eager to see our long-term students achieve similar promising results.