New Students and New Siblings ( Did not Attend Summer 2019 with Horizons ABQ ): 


For this year's program New Siblings will follow the same process and requirements as New Students. 

Please go to the files posted below that will help you get your students into the admissions process.

  1. The  "New Student" files go over basic information on Horizons , show requirements for admission, and key dates for the admission process.

  2. The  "Help - Online Application" files will show you how to setup an account on our online application system and complete applications for each student.

  3. Go to the Other Document Required Link and complete documents noted:  Document/Form Submission 

If you have questions on the process please send me an email ( preferred ) or leave a phone message on my number  505-998-3332


Thank You 

Dennis Shaulis - Horizons Albuquerque

Note that you need to sign-up for this new system, it will not recognize last years information,

See Help Files below

( Please Do Not Use the document upload in the new online application, it is not fully working

-for document submission click here:     Document/Form Submission   )

Enrollment Link : To get started Click Signup :