Super Saturdays

The Horizons Family Super Saturday Sessions are important to nurture our Horizons’ community and support our students’ academic development. Horizons’ students and a parent/guardian are required to participate in a minimum of four Super Saturday Sessions in order to maintain a spot in the Horizons 2020 Summer Session.


Parent Workshops 

School year workshops for student's parents include:

  • Writing a resume 

  • Practicing a job interview 

  • Conversing in English 

  • Supporting your student's edication 


​Learning to swim is a key component of the Horizons student experience. Becoming a competent swimmer builds confidence and a desire to achieve.  

Swimming is a life-saving skill that many low-income children fail to acquire.  

Most of our students come to Horizons not knowing how to swim and fearful of the water.  Overcoming this fear and learning to trust qualified instructors builds their self-esteem and encourages risk-taking in the classroom.   Swimming quickly becomes a favorite activity! 

Year Round and Summer Field Trips 

Field trips give students opportunity to learn about new cultures and new subjects in a fun and interactive way. Student have visited Explora, the Natural Hitory Museum, a screenprinting shop, and more.

Summer Programs 

Starting in the summer of 2014, Bosque School hosted the Horizons Albuquerque summer program. The program teaches classes in reading/literacy, math, science, using hands-on, project based learning. 

Our summer program has expanded to include 3 sites: Bosque School, Manzano Day School, and Sandia Preparatory School



Year Round Programs 

During the school year Horizons offers programs that provide students and their families with year round support. These include Super Saturday workshops for families, and after school academic tutoring.