To start the admissions process, click here to download and review the Admission Application Instructions and the Top 10 Important Application Details Document

Step 1 - Complete the Online Application

Step 2 - After you receive an email confirming your student's Provisional Acceptance for Admission, please complete these additional requirements for final acceptance:

Email these documents to

    • A completed copy of the Student Recommendation Form
    • A copy of each student's most recent progress report
    • A completed APS Release Consent form for each student (for APS non-charter schools only)
    • A parent-signed commitment page from our Horizons ABQ Handbook (The Handbook will be sent to you via Email)

Step 3 - RISING 1ST - 4TH GRADE STUDENTS ONLY                                                                                                           

Complete the Online ECECD Eligibility Form

  • Apply at
  • ECECD Approved Child Care Provider Information:  Horizons Albuquerque @ Manzano Day School 1801 Central Ave. NW 87104   EPICS ID #: 19316084

Step 4 - Attend the New Student / Family Orientation on Wednesday, April 10, at Bosque School (we will email details)

  • A $20 application fee in cash or check is due for each New Student at the orientation meeting.