Our Scholars & Families

Two smiling Horizons studentsHorizons Albuquerque serves students from Albuquerque Public Schools who qualify for free or reduced lunch, and who are identified by their teachers as students who would benefit from long-term participation in an extended learning program. When students first arrive at Horizons, roughly two-thirds are performing below grade level. Families make a commitment to Horizons, and Horizons makes a commitment to families.

Horizons helps to foster students’ innate curiosity, love of learning, and their sense of self-confidence, and our students return to school in the fall well ahead of where they left off the previous year.

Throughout the school year, Horizons Albuquerque also offers learning opportunities for parents, such as:

  • Writing a resume
  • Practicing a job interview
  • Conversing in English
  • Supporting your student’s education