How Your Sponsorship Helps

Your sponsorship of $2,500 funds 100% of the cost for one Horizons Albuquerque Scholar to participate in our summer learning program, including:

  • Academic Enrichment – Horizons scholars gain 8-12 weeks in reading and math; classes include reading/literacy, math, science and hands-on project-based learning.
  •  Meal Plan – Horizons students must be eligible for the free or reduced federal lunch program at their partnering public/charter/parochial schools and will receive breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the Horizons program.
  • Field Trips – Weekly summer field trips that build life skills, as well as expose scholars to cultural experiences and the arts.
  • Swimming/Health/Wellness – Swimming is a mandatory component of the program and each Horizons scholar will be provided with lessons, a cap, goggles and a swimsuit.* Social Emotional Learning exercises and practices are woven into each day. Opportunities to practice yoga, play tennis, archery and play guitar are among the other offerings.
  • Co-Curricular Activities – Horizons scholars can participate in robotics, coding, a civics leadership program, peer penpals, lifeguard training, internship, life skills, BEMP science studies, art, chess, and many more.
  • Summer Program Supplies – All materials needed to instruct the students for the six week summer program, including items such as paper, markers, paint, books, glue, binders, sunscreen, backpacks, garden supplies, and other materials such as yoga mats and guitars need to run the year-round enrichment program are provided.
  • Parent Involvement Workshops – Parents are required to attend enrichment opportunities that are engaging, fun, and relevant to supporting their scholar learning and parent development.
  • Transportation – Daily busing from 2 convenient locations to program sites and field trips is provided for every student.* (Transportation will only be available for siblings in 2021 due to Covid safety protocols.)
  • Additional School-Year Support and Opportunities – Weekly tutoring is available for all Horizons scholars to support their academic growth throughout the year. Additional educational and enrichment opportunities, such as “Star Nights”, guitar lessons, and STEM sessions, are offered as well.

The cost of one student to experience the Horizons program for a year is $2500.
*Certain aspects of the program were modified during 2020 due to Covid-19